ABC’s GCB not A-OK

ABC Television has taken the bold move to create a television show which directly and without apology mocks the Christian faith.  GCB, originally titled Good Christian B—— and based on a book of the same name, was retitled after pressure was put on the network to remove the offensive language from the title.

It details the story of Amanda Vaughn, a widow and newly single mother, who is relocating back to Dallas after the death of her husband.  As a former “mean girl” in high school, she returns to find the subjects of her bullying have all grown up and refuse to forgive.  Hiding behind their self-righteousness and supposed Christian faith, they gossip and scheme behind her back to drive her out of Dallas.

In this day and age, it is outrageous that any network would blatantly target a specific religious group and portray them only in the light of their worst stereotypes.  None of the so-called “Christians” of GCB are presented as living according to a biblical standard and are instead presented as hypocrites and judgmental.

It is unconscionable that a network would proceed to produce similar programming with a focus on Jewish or Muslim faith that played so specifically to stereotypes.  The leaders of the networks know they would be targeted by advocacy groups, their sponsors would be boycotted, and the ensuing press would damage their network.

These same networks have a different approach to the Christian faith.  They believe they can mock the faith without repercussion and that the ensuing “scandal” would only drive viewership.

Make no mistake, this is a direct attack meant to undermine the influence of the Christian faith in this country and to further erode America’s foundation of faith.

We salute Kraft and other companies who have responded to the voice of their consumers who have stated their objection to this program.



  1. Howard A. Bucy says:

    Why is it that Christians are such easy targets for ridicule and disrespect? Is it because of one of our tenets that says we should “turn the other cheek”? Well, we only have two cheeks and I for one am sick and tired of the treatment we recieve continuously. When are we going to put together our own advocacy group to stand up in defence of our principles and give it back to all the liberal anti-christian nut jobs out there? Just wondering…….. HB

    • Zae says:

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