Blessed is the Nation

The liberties Americans enjoy are unsurpassed and I am frequently drawn to think of how these great freedoms came to be. Why is our nation so blessed with freedom and wealth while so many other countries are ruled under the hand of tyrannical dictators or financially impoverished?

From the earliest days of our country’s formation, the majority of American citizens have held an unwavering trust in our Lord which has bestowed upon us the richest of blessings from the hand of God.

In the early 1600′s, a group of devout Christians crossed the Atlantic on a few rickety wooden boats, risking disease, foul weather and even death to come to the new world.

They came to serve the God they adored by establishing a life governed by biblical standards and values. In spite of their humble beginnings in a harsh, uncharted and unknown land, they remained grateful to the One that brought them through the icy waters. Even their first governing document, The Mayflower Compact, declared that their dangerous undertaking was for “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

God honored the devotion and faithfulness of those early settlers. Nearly a century and half later, the descendents of those early settlers, along with thousands more that followed them here, declared their independence from England. God has blessed our nation with strength and riches from the first and will continue to so if we continue to honor the Lord as our God. We have His word on it. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12.

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