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There has never been a time where the need for a clear, resounding response from the people of God was needed than now!  It’s time we stand together and lift with one voice a call to the leaders and decision makers of our nation to honor America’s heritage of faith and to restore that foundation within our communities!

If you’re concerned for the future your children will inherit, join the American Legacy Campaign petition and make your voice heard.

The cornerstone of American liberty, the Declaration of Independence, declares that governments are established and empowered only through “the consent of the governed.”  YOUR CHOICE drives the engine of this nation, and YOUR VOICE is needed to provide its direction.

Stand with us today and let’s tell Washington “IN GOD WE STILL TRUST!”


  1. Darrell Roland says:

    I totally support the cause of “Religious Freedom”, the cornerstone of this country.

  2. ron vanlaningham says:

    this country was founded on freedom of speech,religion and the god given right to bear arms to protect ourselves,family and property! we must do what ever it takes to keep it that way. WHAT EVER IT TAKES!!!!!!

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